is a new resource in healthcare. We are a health coaching practice where we help our members take control of their health and transform their lives by guiding them with proven, evidence-based techniques. We are the first physician-directed practice of its kind in Tampa.

Our mission is to improve members' mind, body, and spirit through helping them make lifestyle modifications. What can you expect? After thoroughly identifying your goals and concerns, we will create your personalized 6-month wellness plan and help you with exploration, accountability, and support.

At Evolve, you will experience how much more you improve when you have a team of coaches behind you. As your personal health partners, we will help you learn and apply the tools to live a healthier, more fulfilled life.


We practice Lifestyle Medicine. Lifestyle medicine is the prevention, treatment, and/or reversal of health conditions by making lifestyle changes. Our philosophy is to minimize or eliminate the use of medication by implementing these lifestyle modifications. The core of our approach is coaching. We partner with our members in collaborative coaching sessions to understand and alleviate issues of concern.


At Evolve, Dr. Patel is your personal health coach, developing a detailed overall picture of your health and providing guidance on achieving the best physical health possible.


Our nutritional coaching is deep-rooted in the idea that natural food supports optimal well-being. Evolve members are given tools, recommendations, and encouragement to view food as a way to heal and thrive.


Introspective coaching describes our unique approach of life coaching with a focus on expanding thinking and consciousness. We address stress management, emotional state, and spiritual awareness.



Join the first practice of its kind in Tampa! See for yourself how Evolve is changing healthcare. At Evolve, we don’t just want you to be healthy, we want you to Be Better.
The Evolve Hypertension Program
  • 24 weekly sessions of personal coaching with a board-certified MD health coach, a professional life coach, and a nutrition coach
  • Individual and group sessions with your coaches for a gradual, progressive structure that is simple to integrate into daily life
  • Educational content for targeted knowledge of hypertension and an in-depth understanding of effective and safe treatment
  • Convenient telemedicine option for virtual appointments
  • Private Evolve Portal account for online access to session notes, progress tracking, and secure messaging
  • Unlimited Yoga, Meditation, and breathwork classes
  • This physician-directed program offers a medically-trained perspective, delivering accurate, and safe guidance
per month (= $1200 total)

(General membership plan)
  • Weekly sessions with a Board-certified MD health coach, a Professional Life coach, and a Nutrition coach
  • Total of 30 sessions = 6 hours of coaching per month
  • Telemedicine and email support for virtual appointments
  • Body composition/Physical fitness analysis
  • Wellness roadmap
  • Nutrition evaluation
  • Full access to yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes
  • Open invitation to events and community gatherings
  • The Individual Journey is recommended for anyone who is ready to make big changes in health and life!
per month
The Maintenance Plan
(Ongoing access plan)
  • This is our ongoing plan that is only available for clients who have completed The Individual Journey.
  • One included coaching session per month with the coach of your choice and access to discounted coaching services on an as-needed basis.
  • Telemedicine and email support for virtual appointments
  • Full access to yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes
  • Open invitation to events and community gatherings
  • The Maintenance Plan is recommended for Evolve members who want to keep making forward strides with their health.
per month
To book a free consultation, please call us at (813) 898-8378. Anyone from our team will be happy to speak with you!


Featuring a distinctly qualified and supportive staff, Evolve is a practice unlike anything else you’ll find from a traditional healthcare provider. Our team will walk with you through each step, stay in constant communication, and create a support structure that will help you achieve your goals.


Let's get together and talk about how we can help!

Vim Patel, MD


I am inspired and excited to walk this journey with you.

Chitra Prasad-Patel
Introspective Counselor

Nice to meet you!

Looking forward to our discussions together!

Introspective Counselor

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Dawn Santos
Nutritional Counselor



The portal is designed specifically for collaboration between our members and the Evolve team. Though this system, you have access to a collection of tools to help facilitate your coaching relationship, including action plans, online worksheets, results tracking, and a continuous stream of interaction between you and your coaches.

Congratulations on taking control of your health! We are so happy that you have joined us, and we look forward to watching your life transform!