About Evolve


A New Approach

Evolve will change your view of healthcare. Have you ever been prescribed yoga classes, 15 minutes of daily meditation, or an hour-long massage? Have you ever gone on a 5k run or had a physician-led stretching class?

We realize that the current medical system is built upon reacting to your immediate medical complaint. At Evolve, we do things differently.

After completing his Internal Medicine residency, Dr. Vim Patel spent over 12 years working as a hospitalist (a physician who takes care of sick patients in the hospital). Through his experiences, he realized that the greatest impact occurred when he simply sat and spoke with patients, allowing them to understand their illnesses better. He decided to move away from traditional medical care and move into a much needed role - a personal health advisor.

As a board-certified MD, certified health coach, and certified fitness trainer, Dr. Patel now combines these three disciplines to provide you with various tools for optimal health management. In order to shape a better understanding of your medical picture, he consolidates information from your various specialists, streamlines medications, creates personal fitness profiles and exercise routines, and orders labs and prescriptions when necessary. In summary, he advocates for you. This relationship can serve as an enormous asset to your existing medical care!

Additionally, our certified coaches, Dawn Santos, CHC (Nutritional Counselor) and Chitra Prasad-Patel, WCS (Introspective Counselor), provide the crucial support not typically found in healthcare settings. In nutritional coaching, we will help you understand your behaviors, mindset about food, and even give you practical tools for menu planning and grocery shopping. Our introspective coaching is a concept unique to Evolve. Through meaningful conversations, you will learn how to actively make improvements to your life. We can help you with specific areas such as relationships, career, finances, and self-image; or help you find clarity with broader goals such as living peacefully, expanding spiritual awareness, or living out your life purpose.

We often hear that our multi-faceted approach is imperative, not to mention refreshing, in today’s world. We strive to understand the whole picture with you, as your personal health partners.

Welcome to a new age of healthcare where the focus is on prevention, communication, and self-awareness.

Social Conscience

We are committed to social change. At Evolve, everything we do creates a ripple effect. From collaborations with other doctors to coaching conversations with our members, we inspire others to be purposeful and mindful in their daily interactions. In turn, they naturally inspire others around them. As this continues, whole communities and populations can be reached through the simple acts of being proactive and kind.

Evolve's founders are personally involved in raising awareness of human trafficking by hosting events, as well as organizing panel discussions, film screenings, and gatherings for Red Sand Project. We encourage all of our members and partners to promote social issues that they are personally drawn to, as we believe compassion and altruism are the foundations for a strong community.

Our Space

Evolve was designed to be minimal, peaceful, and thoughtful. Rather than the traditional look or feel of a medical office, our space was inspired by a contemplative aesthetic often found in garden spaces and museums, with specifically chosen artwork and purposeful light filtration. Internal and external awareness is heightened here.

This is a “clean” space. We’ve taken steps to minimize electric and magnetic fields (EMF), as we acknowledge studies on how continuous EMF may impact the body. Computers, phones, security systems, and speakers are hardwired; there is no wireless signal within the building; and electricity filters are installed on outlets to minimize “dirty electricity.”

Stop by to say hello. We look forward to meeting you!