VIMCHI - Principles


Evolve’s foundation is built on the philosophy of VimChi, a term we have coined. It is our exclusive approach that allows Evolve members to understand their overall health based on their physical, nutritional, and introspective well-being. VimChi is defined as the purposeful reflection and harmonizing of the inner and outer aspects of one's being to achieve optimal growth.

The Vim component provides insight into the general state of health, including capabilities and physical limitations. Chi emphasizes the expansion of inner awareness as an unparalleled way to improve one's mental and emotional state. You can think of it like Yin and Yang, two seemingly opposite sides that are actually very much interconnected and interdependent.


When the following principles are used to set goals and modify behavior, they have an exponential effect on self-growth. The VimChi approach is built upon the idea that when we embody and apply these qualities, we will Be Better.

Be Open-Minded

Enter Evolve with a receptive attitude toward unfamiliar ideas and practices. Acceptance of self-change and empowerment opens the door to responsiveness that will change your habits and life for the better.

Be Strong

Physical strength is easily measured. Mental strength is an intangible asset. Strong mental fortitude will help in the process of altering long-held habits and perceptions. Perseverance will help you incorporate and maintain beneficial modifications.

Be Social

Human beings are naturally social creatures that thrive because of our tendency to collaborate. Evolve encourages organizing, supporting, and participating in social and community endeavors. Doing so builds healthy individuals, who in turn build a healthy society.

Be Compassionate

Evolve is dedicated to nurturing the qualities of compassion: kindness, tolerance, empathy, sympathy, sensitivity, love, charity, concern, care, and warmth. We want Evolve members to become strong pillars for their communities through their compassion for others.

Be Still

The noise of life (deadlines, finances, societal pressures, familial stressors) can lead to fatigue and breakdown. A contemplative and relaxed person quiets the noise. Evolve helps individuals achieve stillness in mind and body through meditative practices.

Be Purposeful

Living with purpose, and for a purpose, is fundamental in Evolve’s mission. We expect members to be eager to improve their diet, physical and mental health, and engaged in positively improving their local and global community.

Be Happy

Most have but wisped its scent, yet do not truly understand the grandeur of its aroma. A lack of happiness makes life bland and colorless. Evolve gives its members the tools to actively pursue and ultimately attain physical, mental and inner happiness.